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  • Our Corporate Advisory division works very closely with each and every client whether they are a newly commencing startup or established corporate.

    We aim to provide assurance that we are their trusted partner who understands their mission & vision and ensures to carry out their business objectives in the most prudent manner.

    We utilise our knowledge, experience and expertise to launch and support new business ventures by also taking active roles, either by maintaining / establishing executive board roles or advisory roles.


    We are able to assist in the following:

    • Company formation
    • Corporate secretarial
    • Company administration
    • Voluntary liquidation
    • Trust services
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    Cyprus is very well placed as an international business and financial centre. Apart from its strategic geographical location, relaxed way of life and attractive climate, it offers an excellent commercial infrastructure, a highly educated English-speaking labour force, a business-friendly environment, particularly in the area of taxation, a high standard of living and a low rate of crime.

    Cyprus has been a member of the European Union since 1 May 2004. Since accession, Cyprus has successfully faced the challenge of European integration, and has established itself as the natural portal for inward and outward investment between the EU and the rest of the world, particularly the rapidly- growing economies of Russia, Eastern Europe, India and China.

    Cyprus is an ideal place to establish your business and at the same time is the choice of many people not only as a holiday destination, but also as their permanent residence.

    In Q.B.S. by offering high quality professional services that will meet all your needs we are aiming at becoming your Partner of Choice in Cyprus.

  • Our Private Office is committed to supporting high net worth individuals and their families globally to manage, protect and grow their wealth.

    We are committed to a professional partnering approach, ensuring that the needs of their businesses are looked after and their assets are protected. We work in complete discretion and all matters are professionally managed in Cyprus.


    Our Private Office services:

    • Residential Property Services
    • Commercial Property
    • Relocation Services
    • Yachting Services
    • Fund Set Up / Management















    We will undertake the appointment of the liquidator on behalf of the shareholders and will carry out the entire liquidation process including:Informing the Registrar of Companies that the company has been placed into members' voluntary liquidation.

    • Advertising in an international newspaper for possible claims against the company
    • Settling all company creditors including any taxes due
    • Preparation of statement of dealings during the liquidation period
    • Distribution of surplus assets to shareholders































    • Corporate
    • Individuals
    • VAT



























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